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Discover our story: creating simple solutions for everyday challenges through AI innovation.
Tech made for humans
We're hyper-focused on one thing: bringing technology closer to people. Every line of code we write, every feature we design, is aimed at enhancing your daily experience.
Solutions, not complications
Faced with a challenge, we strip it down to its core and innovate from there. Our goal? To turn potential frustrations into delightful experiences.
Lead, Learn, Adapt
We're proactive learners and doers. If there's a gap, we bridge it. If there's a need, we meet it head-on.
Changing Everyday Routines for Everyone
The norm? Not our style. Especially when "usual" means technology that feels out of reach for most. At Odeen, we believe in a world where technology doesn't just exist; it empowers, simplifies, and brings joy to everyday life.
Technology, at its best, brings people together. It introduces us to new ideas, streamlines our daily tasks, and, yes, even makes us better versions of ourselves. Whether it's managing schedules, understanding new languages, or simply finding the quickest route home, the power of AI should be as routine as your morning coffee.
Our world-class team
Elizabeth Costantino
Elizabeth Costantino
Norkie L.
Norkie L.
Adinortey L.
Adinortey L.
Rachel Jurick
Rachel Jurick
Joel Lawerteh
Design Director
Wilfred Kotey
Research Engineer
Sandra Yeboah
Software Engineer
Felix Achiah
Machine Learning Engineer
Prince Ansah Agyemang
IT Manager
Dr. Dumitru Lungocia
Head of Wellness
Join our team
If you're excited about breaking down tech barriers and making everyday smarter for everyone, we're looking for you. Explore our career opportunities and let's innovate together.
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